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First time bi swingers

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Seeking to be pampered and teased and pleased.

Age: 38
Relationship Status: Divorced
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City: Van Vleck, Paintsville, Perrysville, Alness
Hair: Bright red
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On the tour we were showed "private rooms"and "party rooms".

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I slipped up to her head and Mary started sucking on me as Eillen fingered and licked her to orgasm after vi. They came off the floor and had a drink. Too late Mary came hard and there was her love juice all over the floor!

One finger gave way to the feeling of two and the fingers began working my prostate. I felt a mouth on my cock and would have sworn Mary was sucking me off. First time he never got hard, even when he came.

I looked over my shoulder and the girls were frenching and I saw our friend had her hand up my wifes muscle women escorts. Maybe he just had erectile problems if neither of you got him firet. I swingwrs, i thought you were Mary! I looked over and there's mary on her hands and knees with big cock in her pussy, one in her mough and another in each hand.

Mary just had this "glazed over"expression on her face and just sat there.

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I added one more finger into her ass and she exploded right then pushing my fingers out of her with the force of her orgasm. This earned a small round of applause from people watching. So Dave knelt by my head and I tentatively took a swingeds at his knob as Eillen started working on my still hard cock with her hand.

swinggers When I looked over Mary was still getting fucked but now she had a DP going on while she sucked one guy and a couple others were masturbating over her. So the buildup was awesome but the event was less than meh. It felt great and then I felt a finger probing my backpage jerseyshore.

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We were out for dinner with a couple we were friends firet. Her big beautiful titties were covered in cum so I figured that this had been going on for a while. I grabbed his balls in my hand and began playing with them and teasing his ass with swingera fingers which quickly slipped in. Didn't know they were swingers. Now we hadn't ever even really talked about swinging but I knew my wife had a bisexual girlfriend a couple of years before we met.

I toop fifst head of his cock into my mouth and ran my tound around tasting the salty pre-cum. I started slowly working more of his cock in and he began slowly pumping back and forth. Come to find out, christian mingle film aren't.

When we got to the club we went in and registered as guests and received a tour. Eileen said, why don't you return the favor? While registering Mary and I had a chance to talk and decided on the spot what ever went on here was OK with us as long as we stayed open about it.

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Now Mary's never been into doing that but I thought maybe she was feeling more adventerous. I felt my cum begginning to build and let loose a massive orgasm that was eagerly sucked down by whoever it was that was sucking my cock.

More to cum later. Looked like she'd been missing the female touch.

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This gave him and I a little time to chat. On the way the girls sat in back and in short order I noticed the conversation back there had stopped. Off we swingere. I commented to Dave that if she didn't stop Mary was going to cum and squirt all over the floor.

Our first time swinging and my first bi blow job

I pulled out of mary's mouth and slipped behind Eileen to lick her pussy. Second time he never got hard, even when he came.

We did what we could, passed his limp dick between us. We met our friends in the lounge area and had text rooms couple of drinks and the girls went out to dance. We did learn important rules, no second chances, and verify the guy is bi.

He just looked to the side and pointed. I felt assgasm after assgasm rippling through me and Eileen kept orgasming shooting her juices down my throat.