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Wife massage stories

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Vancouver Pride I am heading to Pride on Sunday, taking the ferry from Nanaimo to Vancouver.

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I am sure she was tempted to take it in her mouth. She barely touched it once and then went back to her position.

Having pushed a few glasses through Katie and with time marching on I suggested we head back to the room so that she could get ready for her massage and I could get my last meeting over and done with. Katie had now moved her hand so that back pages atlanta ga index finger was hooked in the waist storiws of the G-string, away from the side of his cock.

I waited for 3 days and did not get a return. My wife was just lying on the bed with her eyes closed.

My wife's first massage from a male masseur - free first time story on

He saw a Czech pussy for the first time, which was recently waxed, and completely bald. It was strangely thrilling though, and my own cock was so hard it almost ached. I hope you charge wanted to buy the session, not by the orgasm, or I'm going to be broke! A few minutes later Katie returned carrying a few shopping bags.

Wife massage stories

Her nipples hardened again either due to the stimulation, or perhaps just the evaporation of the water. Slipped out would probably be a better description, there was that much slippery mucus pouring out of her.

I stores wanted to loosen her up a bit but I had fully expected her to draw the line well before this. The door to the room entered through the wall perpendicular to the far wall, which was the wall the head of the bed was against. Or so I thought.

Free erotic stories

On this occasion it was going to serve a different purpose. What dtories you do to keep in shape? Karan asked her to lie on the bed. George filip astride she positioned herself over Joel's cock, took the base of his shaft in her right hand, and milked his organ so that a large glob of pre-cum oozed from the tip.

Katie had turned her head to the right, away from Joel so that she was looking directly towards camera 1. He was very polite and after saluting each other he asked sories what we wanted.

Sensual massage for my wife

By this time my own cock was raging hard. I said it is all ok as far as this was a massage.

He took off his boxers, wore the condom on his cock which was larger than mine, and jerked off together with me, looking at my wife and fingering her pussy with his left hand. I'm sure he'll understand. While he made some small talk and prepared his massage oils, I could see Katie, with her head turned away from me but facing the mirror directly opposite, continuing to check out her masseur.

We normally start with a back slide, so we need to wait till we're back on to your back. I'm not here very often, and I have to say this is the best massage I've had.

Sensual massage for my wife - sex stories

Katie wasn't a big drinker and a couple of glasses of champagne goes straight to her head. Look lie there and just relax, now is not the time to stress. Shortly afterwards Katie rose from the bed and went massagf the bathroom for her bath.

The rhythm was fast and furious now, and it was clear that they were both close to orgasming. Sliding his ass backwards, his cock released it's self from Katie's atories grip. His chest was now up and over her head, and the view that both Katie and I could see was of a large black oiled body almost engulfing Katie's petite frame.

Perhaps she was just building up some Dutch courage or perhaps she wanted an excuse for her actions.

I went down and came back in 10 mins. Right now she had a near naked hunky black man giving her breasts an awe inspiring massage whilst he had his bum and groin resting and probably pressing against her pelvis.

My wife's first massage from a male masseur

Katie, already starting to flush from the effects of the alcohol, suggested I cancel both my meeting and her massage, and we finish off the champagne in the spa back at the storiee. As more pre-cum leaked from the end of his cock, Katie collected it with the tip of her finger, and used it to lubricate the head of his cock. This is one of my favourite bits of the massage.

Remember though if you feel uncomfortable, or embarrassed, please let me know, or perhaps just ask me to "move on", if that's easier. They will be the subjects of a follow up story, but to put them in context this story needed to be told first. I knew this is the time that I have to be back.

Erotic stories: erotic massage for wife

You didn't need to be a doctor to know african american dating apps this meant the brunt of the pleasure was being taken directly on her clitoris, nor a sex therapist to realise that Katie had just about lost all self control under the influence of total sexual pleasure. When this breast had received the same attention the right had Joel placed one hand on each and continued his gentle but firm massaging.

Having picked Katie up and taken her back to the hotel, I made my exit for my first meeting. Joel moved into the room and in one smooth movement took the Do Not Disturb masssage the inside door knob, and placed it on the outside. This time, as he approached her cunt lips his actions appeared slower and more deliberate.